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    Resolved Image ColorKey and ColorMatrix

    Hello everyone, first post here and looking for some guidance on what I think should be something simple, but I've been playing with it for hours getting nowhere. Perhaps I don't understand the ColorMatrix well enough, but there is almost no documentation on it, well anywhere. What I am trying...
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    Create charts & add ad hoc capabilities to .NET Web & WinForm apps

    What’s new in this first release? Aspose.Report for .NET v1.0.0 is yet another new product by Aspose that is a combination of two ex-components namely; Aspose.AdHoc for .NET (AdHoc for ASP.NET and AdHoc for WinForms) and Aspose.Chart for .NET. It can be used for a variety of tasks ranging from...
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    Question How to detect transparency index or flag for a GIF or PNG image?

    Okay I'm loading a GIF or PNG with Dim Img1 as Image = Image.FromFile(FileName$) Then, according to msdn, I should be able to retrieve the transparency index by doing the following: TransparencyIndex = Img1.GetPropertyItem(&h5104).Value(0) &h5104 corresponds to the property item for the...