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    Question Problem using SetToolTip for dynamic control

    In my 2005 app, I'm creating controls dynamically and setting the tooltip, but the tooltips don't show up at runtime. Here is the code: 'Note: CNT is a counter variable txtarrDesc(CNT) = New TextBox With txtarrDesc(CNT) .Location = New...
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    Tool Tip Help

    Hi, I'm creating a user control which i will use about 100 places in other forms. I need a tool tip to display the Name of the control automatically.I don't want to for each and everyone. So give some code snippets to put in user control code so that it automatically gives the name as tooltip...
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    Question Any way to show tooltip for disabled control?

    Hi everyone, I have this flexgrid which shows a different tooltip for every cell it contains. Now I would like to see this exact same tooltip for every cell when I put the flexgrid on enabled = false but I can't find a way to do this. I have tried the transparentSheet trick and a few other...