1. C

    Shutdown Timer

    I have an application that is supposed to shut itself down on Sunday between 9 and 10 am. It does not seem to work. If I run the program and sit and watch it, it will shut down as it is expected. This application runs across a network and there may be 100 instances of it open at any one time...
  2. S

    Click on panel and Move mouse Right, then panel follows X axis only?

    Hello everyone. i am working on a application. i need some help figuring out a problem i have with one of the features: i use Visual Basic express 2010 what the feature should do: i have 1 panel in the form that want the user to be able to move the panel along the location.X by now i have...
  3. L

    How do you make a tappable/ clickable time clock

    i have a sort of chess game thesis and i thought of instead of clicking a button, why not click on the clock after your turn but i don't know how to make one. please help me.
  4. C

    How to loop a timer

    i have a progressbar and i want my timer to do this continuosly until application is closed. ProgressBar1.Increment(+15) ProgressBar1.Increment(-10)
  5. K

    Timer Inteference

    I have been using a timer to enable "space monsters" to move down then form. I have also used a timer for a missile which is fired by the space ship (has a space rangers like appearance). The two timers interfere with each other. Whenever the missile is moving up the form, if the timer ticks for...
  6. B

    Question Timer Pause Resume

    I'm currently creating a program in Visual Studios 2008, What it does is their are online Json files like this one...
  7. O

    ListBox & Several Timers

    How do i make a ListBox with the addition of each item, the item be removed after 4 seconds? Added time and number of items is unknown. Other parts of the job application should not be hampered. I know that thread should I use, but I do not know. Thanks for your help
  8. J

    Question timer tick problem

    i was trying to make a free microsoft word plugin in vb.net. It automatically fills a web form. The main problem with the plugin is that it uses web browser control and once it has filled a form it will need to navigate another form. The form can only be filled once it has completely been...
  9. F

    Question Create a timer and assign it a function for each row of data gotten from a SQL query

    Basically, I want to create a timer for each row of data that will get returned by a SQL query: SELECT * FROM Projects I would want the timers to be called "Compteur" & ROWID. This really is necessary. I need them to have different Ticks and so that some can be enabled all at once. Basically...
  10. F

    Question Restore a windows form which is minimized and has lost focus

    Hi, I would really like a bit of a nudge in the right direction. I have created an app which has a timer control which, when activated and meets a certain criteria, launches a second form with an alert for the user to review and action. this works just fine. Except.... when the main app is...
  11. newguy

    Timer and Label Control

    Hi All, I need a timer to change a label's .backcolor for a very short time (like a flash) and I need to setup another interval for how often this color change occurs based on an equation from two diff numbers. Using a Start and Stop button for starting and stopping the timer. I don't...
  12. bandet ace

    Seting a timer to "setwindowontop" every 500 milliseconds

    I have the settings sat and it added ect,i just don't know the coding for it to set window on top every 500 milliseconds. Anyone help me with this?