1. S

    Problem with comparing dates and times

    Hi All, I have a problem trying to compare two dates in vb.net... is there a bug in .net?? Please see attached code... you can see the values in the two date variables, but the result of the if statement is going to 'else'... i thought = 0 means the two are equal??? Any help would be very much...
  2. H

    Question Check if my program has been opened before

    I have my program (Student Pad - The Project - Haxaro Freeware) and it has gone fairly large. In my next release, i would like to know how many user approximatly are using it, so when ever a user opens my program for the first time on that computer, it sends me, or my website a report telling me...
  3. kakiepiroi

    Question Freeze Other Application

    Hello! I just want to ask if something is possible in VB.NET. First of all I am using VB 2005. Now.... I have a program that is like a countdown timer and I want to make a program in VB.NET that can freeze the countdown. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!
  4. P

    Using PC time

    I am building a program to gather information from a serial device. we will use an external GPS device keep the PC's time, then use the system time at precise intervals to send commands to the serial device. The timer control is not ok because we need to fire the commands at precise intervals...