1. C

    Viewer control for supporting Tiff image & Pdf file

    Hi Guys, We need a image viewer control for Vb.Net to show Tiff image & Pdf files. It should not supports save and print option. We have to zoom,rotate,drag in that control. Kindly let me know about the control. Thanks in advance.
  2. A

    Question how to get any file of extension .TIF

    Hi, A very simple question guys... Using the below code I want to set the '*' to any file. This folder (C:\newtemp\) will only have one TIF file in it at a time so I want it to use that file as TextBox1, but that filename is dynamic, but always with extension .TIF. TextBox1 =...
  3. O

    Opening Image Speed

    Hi, Im trying to make a win form that opens multipage tiff files. The code that im currently using is loading the image into a Image Variable (BaseImg) with the following line of code: BaseImg = Image.FromFile("Some path"). Then i iterate throught the baseimg and create a bitmap of each page...
  4. O

    Move custom controls

    Hi, I have a win form that has a panel control. I load a tiff file and set it as the panel controls background image, and the measure the images size so that I can set the sroll bar parameters. I the have button, which activate the drawing of a custom control, which issue the mousedown...
  5. O

    Highlight part of image

    Hi, Im not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but here it goes: What i am trying to do is open a tiff file and then be able to highlight different areas using my mouse. The way i would want to do this is to use my mouse to draw around the section of the document that I want...
  6. Neodynamic

    ImageDraw ASP.NET Multipage TIFF Viewer Sample

    Technologies used - Neodynamic ImageDraw (5.0 or later) for ASP.NET - Microsoft .NET Framework (2.0 or later) - Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 or later / Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition or later This ImageDraw demo - which source code files can be found at the end of this page...
  7. Neodynamic

    ImageDraw ASP.NET Multipage TIFF Viewer Sample

    This ImageDraw demo demonstrates how you can use ImageDraw to design a Multipage TIFF Viewer in ASP.NET. This sample lets users to examine all pages in a multipage TIFF image as well as to dynamically add a watermark. The following figure is a screenshot of the ASP.NET Multipage TIFF Viewer...
  8. Neodynamic

    How to create TIFF barcodes using C# or VB.NET and Barcode Professional for WPF

    Creating TIFF (Tagged Image File Format) barcodes using C# or VB.NET and Barcode Professional for WPF is a very simple task. We'll describe some common scenarios about TIFF barcodes generation. - How to create and save a TIFF barcode image at a given resolution - How to create and save a...