1. S

    Question Memory Problems

    Hi guys i have a problem with a block of code in a DLL i have written, the DLL receives Serial Data (NMEA) and then logs it to a file, it also holds in a dictionary (of string and date) the sentence header and the date and time it was last received). I monitor the Task manager Thread-count...
  2. L

    Security.Exception when calling .net dll function

    I am using a .NET assembly written by a small company for automation of their hardware. it is not signed, etc. and that's not an option. i am getting security exceptions for certain calls. Strangely, if i do the calls within a new thread, i don't have these problems, when i call them within the...
  3. H

    Quick muliti thread question

    What I have is a web service that can take up to hundreds of hits per second at times on a quad core dedicated server running IIS7. This web service does it's thing and as part of it's process has a cache object with a filesystem dependency. When the cache expires (about 15 seconds on...
  4. V

    Pass Object between threads

    What is the best way to pass objects between threads? I would like to create a new thread that creates a new object : Dim myobject as newobject = new newoject Then in my main thread, I would like to use myobject. Ideally I would like to just assign to a global variable but I don't think...
  5. S

    Question Differences in launching new threads

    Hello, I have been using threads in windows services for a while, and have noticed (through usage and viewing other people's code) that there are different ways of launching new threads. Could anyone explain the difference in creating new threads in the following ways: 1)...
  6. rvercesi

    Question Loading DataGridView in Thread (several issues)

    Hi guys Still around importing Excel Files to DataGridView. Since my main problem was to keep color formating, I got to use the following function: Private Sub LoadXLSFile() Dim xlApp As New Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Application...
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