1. M

    Multi-Threaded file copying?

    Hello, Im a noob but am trying to learn. Ive found a way to make VB useful for a task ive been given to copy thousands of files to a slow SAN server daily. Right now i copy one file at a time. it works. painfully slow but it works. What id like to do is come up with some kind of stack where...
  2. A

    Question yet another null refrenced exception!

    I know its been asked numerous of times about threading and null.reference.exception and what not and i have read every each of solutions provided, but i still couldn't figuring it out some of those nasty exceptions. i just started coding in .net and i have no clue whats wrong with my code. as...
  3. C

    Question error BeginInvoke cannot be called .. until window handle has been created

    VB 2008 I have read posts here and elsewhere online but cannot figure out what the problem is. Please help. FYI, I am new to OOP. I have 2 (simplified)code files shown below, one with the UI form and one class for the serial port stuff. When the beginInvoke occurs I get the uncreated handle...
  4. R

    Having Trouble Updating Form from thread outside of Class

    I know that you guys probably get this question alot..and trust me when i say I have been doing plently of searching..and i am stumped... invokes and threads have really been getting on my nerves ... anyway I am building an special irc client... it all connects that is not the issue.. what...
  5. G

    Question popup progress bar

    hi all, i have a form that takes a long time to open (because of the volume of data and the devexpress scheduler controls on it). I would like to pop up a progress bar (embedded in a form) to show until the form loads and is finished loading. i added two public methods in the My.MyApplication...
  6. S

    Question Capturing screen and webcam video simultaneously?

    Hey guys, I'm working on a screen capture and webcam capture program that will record both at the same time. I currently have a button that starts the screen cap (while opening a ppt) and a keyboard hook that stops it when I hit F12. I also have a button that starts webcam recording, and a...
  7. D

    Question Terminating a Thread

    Can anyone tell me how to kill a thread immediately. I have tried MyThread.Abort, but it seems to do nothing. Someone told me it's because 'Abort' waits for the current operation to complete, but my thread will run for over 30 minutes before that happens. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. N

    cpu utilization at 100%

    I created a windows application service that runs every 20 seconds to collect data from avaya cms and then dump it into a database. I did this using a timer. Since I had to have access to the clipboard to get the data and parse it, I had to be in STA. Unfortunately, just putting the STA before...
  9. bmw325ist

    Closing a WPF Window or Form after crossing threads?

    I want to close the main form after another process has exited if the user says yes. I have the MainWindow Class and a modProcess Class coded below. I'm using VS 2010. For whatever reason, the object Me or MainWindow is not accessible, how do I fix it? Thanks. Public Class MainWindow Dim...
  10. A

    key stroke logging

    Hai there, I would like to know about key stroke logging. I need to write code in which logs all the keystrokes(in any window) in to a text file. I think for this we have to use threading and some api's like GetAsyncKeyState. If anybody knows this please help me. Thanks for your...
  11. D

    implement multithreading

    Hi, Please help me introduce multithreading into my code so that the UI is more responsive. Here is what i've done: I have a program which searches the entire registry for a keyword and adds the matching keys/values into a listview. The UI becomes non responsive if i attempt to move the form or...
  12. capella07

    Question Need to Invoke a Method, Not a Control, From Another Thread

    This is for .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Here's the flow of what I'm trying to do: 1. On the main form a scanner class is instantiated that (in the scanner's constructor) sets the scanner settings (baud rate, parity, etc) and opens the scanner for use 2. A barcode is scanned (via a scanner...
  13. J

    Question ComPorts and Threading?

    If this is not the right forum for this question, then please point me in the right direction. I'm brand new to Visual Basic 2008 (just started with it 5-6 weeks ago) and I'm pretty stuck. I've managed to learn enough to develop a small program that reads the ASCII "sentences" from my GPS...
  14. V

    Threading: Stopping Errors

    Ok guys... so how bad is using: System.Windows.Forms.Control.CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls = False In my app, the only reason I am doing threading is because it will take long to process and I want the UI to stop locking up. In my threading process when everything is completed, if I...
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