text file reading

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    Question open text files with my notepad...

    hi everybody, i created my own notepad and it can open files with openFileDialog. but i also want that if i select a text file, and i say "open with" my notepad... that my notepad will show that text file... so not with openFileDialog or someting like that... Thanks!
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    Question Text file Read/Write/Modify operations

    Hi friends, I am currently working on an application which requires reading, writing and modifying data from a TEXT file. I have searched a lot but was not able to find a simple way to achieve this. I have to use a standard VB form with textboxes for ths text file opearitions. So anyone who has...
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    Question Text file Reading and Storing values to Specific Structure

    Dear All I am trying to Read the text file line by line and also want to store the data with specific structure for calculation. Basically its a Coma(,) Delineated text string following a specific paten. **********************************************************************************...