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  1. L

    Question How to make a text box case insensitive when using to search

    Hello, I'm having a problem getting my textbox to search case insensitive I'm using a textbox to search within a listbox Private Sub tbSearch_TextChanged(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles tbSearch.TextChanged For Each item In lbStoresF.Items If...
  2. J

    Compare two strings

    I have a text box that I can input multiple lines of numbers in. I want to compare each line of numbers against my dataset to find a match. If it matches it should update my database. My pseudo code should be something like this- Get input from textbox Index number of inputs from text...
  3. P

    Question Cannot remove the extra spaces from textfield output !!!!

    So, I am executing a function which returns some string value in textfields. But, when I am trying to use the textfield value somewhere else; it gets added with some extra spaces and I am not able to achieve the desired task. I have tried Trim() and it didnt help and I have also tried...
  4. venomphil

    Linking Combo Boxes with text boxes independently

    Hi VB.Net Forums, I have created a form that references a access database and this works great. Currently I have a list of products in a combo box and when the user selects the product I want the items price to be displayed in a text box My problem is when the user selects a different option...
  5. D

    Question Print from rich text box

    I have a rich text box, "RichTextBox1", and a print document, "PrintDocument1". How do I connect the text box with the print document so that the print document is the text of the text box? I have already set up my print dialog, but I just haven't found how to set up the document yet. Please...