1. D

    Are you a computer science graduate ? Looking for a job in software testing ?

    Searching a job in software testing ?.testing is one of the best platform in it industry and it has two types of testing.manual testing and automation testing.If you are interesting to learn automation testing.and tech job provides lot of automation testing training like sap testing training,qtp...
  2. G

    Silverlight Testing Resources

    I tried to compile a bunch of Silverlight testing resources in a single blog post: Silverlight Testing Resources: A SmartBear Guide for Testers Most of the links are SmartBear tutorials and videos on the topic of Silverlight testing, but there are also other references related to the topic...
  3. U

    FYI Webinar - Software Testing: Introduction to Unit Testing

    Software testing isn’t just a task for QA. In order to prevent bugs and release quality code to market, you also need developer testing, including unit testing. Discover why you should start unit testing, and how you can get started with automated tests quickly. Learn: · Benefits of...
  4. N

    Simplifying Loops

    I would like to simplify a do loop.
  5. T

    Zephyr-Forrester Webinar

    * A Zephyr-Forrester Webinar - Where did all that testing time go? * Webinar Outlines Methods & Technologies for Squeezing More Testing Time Out of Every Project * Speaker from Forrester Research * Wednesday, November 16 at 11:00am PDT * Sign up here: Where Did All That Testing Time Go? | Zephyr
  6. S

    Available Jr. .NET Programmer in Dublin, OH

    Start Date: IMMEDIATELY! Employee Type: 6 – 9 Mo. Hrs/Wk.: 40 Pay Rate: TEMP =$24 -28/Hr. PERM = 50K -55K DOE Work Status: Green Card or US Citizen Highly Desirable H1B Sponsorship is not available at this time. Corp to Corp is available for Green Card Holders. ROLE: Support Developer P1...
  7. Grayda

    Increasing CPU usage to simulate heavy computer use

    I'm building a VB.NET 2010 app that tracks battery usage. Run the app, start logging, then let the battery go flat. At the end, you get a nice graph that shows you how long the battery took to run down. Compare it to previous results and you can see how battery life is doing. But this is...
  8. D

    TestRail 1.3 Test Management Software released

    Hello, Gurock Software just announced version 1.3 of its test management software TestRail. TestRail is a web-based test case management software that helps software development teams and QA departments to efficiently manage, track and organize their software testing efforts. TestRail 1.3...
  9. D

    TestRail test management beta now available

    Hello, we've just launched the first beta version of our upcoming web-based test case management tool TestRail. TestRail is intended to help software development teams and quality assurance departments manage test cases, track test results and organize software testing efforts. We designed its...
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