1. mond007

    Bulk attach Album Art to MP3 Track using VBA

    Hi (Apologies if this is a repeat but I don't think so). I have 50gb worth of MP3 files that I wish to attach album art to. They are all in a very thought out directory structure as follows : 01 Religious Music 01 Album01 Religious_AlbumArt01.jpg Track01 Track02...
  2. S

    Document Database

    Hi folks I am a total noob to this and am hoping I wont be too much of an annoyance! I'm looking to write a program in either VB.Net or C# that is basically a document library. The idea is to have a general location of about 300 documents which could relate to one or a handful of products we...
  3. P

    Parsing HTML Extracting Values Between 2 Tags in WebBrowser

    Hi, I am a relative newby to VB.net and trying to build an app using webBrowser within a windows form to automatically navigate a site. However once the app reaches its destination I need to extract certain values from the html with the intent of writing these to a csv file for comparison at a...
  4. J

    Question Retrieving ID3 (Tag) info from an MP4 file

    Hi, I have been puzzling over this for a while. I've searched Google and found several projects for getting MP3 tags and WMA, but no MP4. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks -Josh