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    Tabbing between buttons on an IE download prompt

    (Using VB 2008 express) Hi, I'm fairly new to vb and I can't find any information on this anywhere. I have an app that clicks a download button on a web page from a web browser control. This works so far, a download box comes up asking whether I want to save or open the file. I want to be able...
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    what TabPage has been selected?

    I have 2 TabPages (tp1, tp2) in a TabControl. I have a button outside the TabControl. When I click the button there should be a message box that identifies what TapPage is currently selected. I want to know how to check what TabPage has been selected when I click the button.:confused: Pls...
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    Gathering data from multible tab indexes

    I've been ripping my hair out for 2 days now and I finally gave in and admitted defeat. I have 3 forms for a GPA calculator i'm designing. Mainform (has a tab control holding two CourseControllers) CoursePanel (the core object to be used) CourseController (has multiple CoursePanels and radio...