1. N

    Insert statement not working

    Hi there. This may seem to be an age-old problem to many of you, but I have searched almost everywhere, and haven't found a solution that worked. I have an access database on a network drive, which I am viewing on a datagridview on my form. This DB has 5 columns including the primary key, which...
  2. B

    Writing to database error!

    If anyone can point out my error it would be much appreciated. This is the error message: Syntax error in UPDATE statement. Here's my code: Sub addSpot(ByRef row As Integer, ByRef col As Integer, ByRef value As String) Dim con As New OleDbConnection Dim dbProvider As String...
  3. M

    Question syntax ERROR in the INSERT INTO instruction

    Hello, I am using VB.NET 2008 and I can't create a button. I recieve the message shown in the title ! Here is my code : dtr = dts.Tables("28071").NewRow 'dtr("datee") = TextBox1.Text 'dtr("index") = TextBox2.Text 'dtr("hmj") = TextBox3.Text 'dtr("hmc") = TextBox4.Text 'dtr("CumulJours") =...
  4. H

    Question How to set variable opposite value (3.5)

    Good evening, I can remember reading some time ago that there is some way to set the opposite value of a variable depending on the value that it is set to but, I can't remember the syntax of it and I'm not sure what the correct terminology is to describe what I'm looking for. Suppose that I...
  5. K

    Question Syntax of adding combobox to get field

    Hi, On the form, the user have to pick 4 different fields from combobox and then it will show into DataGridView here the code.. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Dim EmployeeInt As New AcoSDK.Employee017 DataGridView1.Columns.Add("id", "ID")...
  6. P

    Question Dim Noob as object If noob.idiot = true then MsgBox("HELP!", MsgBoxStyle.Critical)

    Dim Noob as object If noob.idiot = true then MsgBox("HELP!", MsgBoxStyle.Critical) First a little about me, I have been a programmer for 15 years, started in MS Access & Macros and soon discovered VBA. Eventually that led to VB6 with Access Backend. I am completely self taught which is...
  7. S

    Question Convert string to syntax ?!?

    Hi every body I wonder if there is a Type that converts a string to a VB syntax to be read by the compiler. for example: Dim command1, command2, command3 As what??! Dim drv as DataSet.Datarow drv = CType(BindingSource.Current, DataRowView).Row drv.K01=...
  8. Vermiculus

    Question Debug problems (probably Math syntax)

    I have been over my code several times, but I just cant seem to find the error. It is supposed to be a simple triangle calculator (actually a control for a much bigger project) that solves for any missing parts. This is the SSS (Side-Side-Side) portion of it that does not work... Public...