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    Question Need help with 'Student Portal'

    I'm currently using at college and need some help around an issue. The basic idea behind our project is to create a 'Student Portal' so that both students and users can access and perform certain actions inside (This is all console based btw). The issue I've come to is that I need to...
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    Question Something like ENUM but dynamic

    Hi all, I have a problem that bother me and I wonder if I can get some sugestions here! I have to build a dll which will expose some functions to users! I have to use for some of the functions parameters some guidance for users( like ENUM does), in order to remove inserting wrong data! ENUM is...
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    Question increment number of fields in MSSQL

    hello everyone, this is part of the algorithm that i need to code using MS SQL k = 1 C1 = generate counts from R1 repeat k = k + 1 INSERT INTO R!k SELECT p.Id, p.Item1, …, p.Itemk-1, q.Item FROM Rk-1 AS p, TransactionTable as q WHERE q.Id = p.Id AND q.Item > p.Itemk-1 . . until Rk = {} so i...
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    Changing structure of an arraylist

    Hi all, thanks for any help in advance! I have created a Class Library (dll) with a module and a class in it. The module declares a structure, and an instance of this structure. In the class, there is an arraylist declared. My main program calls a function in the class library class. The...