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    Question Extracting Integers from an unpredictable string

    Sorry new here, i want to extract integers from a string which I can't predict, I don't know the best way about going about it for instance I know you can split but how do I know where to split if its a random string Following the number will always be a "ab" and before the numbers will be a...
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    Question Arrays using IndexOf ?

    This is probably a really simple issue but i have search around and cant find an answer I have a structure set up and am using a varaible in the structure called "type" The array connected to the structure is called "data_Array()" All i want to do is do a IndexOf or Substring with this but...
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    VBscript doesnt return error, but returns

    Ok, here is the problem, in vbscript, i was reading parts of streams i.e. teststrid = left (strLine,8) teststrnm =rtrim( mid (strLine,15,30)) teststrx = mid (strLine,57,8) teststr = left (strLine,3) strFormcode = left (strLine, 10) strSymmetrycode = left (strLine,14)...
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    String Troubles

    Here is my situation. I'm through a serial connection getting updates from a gps module and autopilot controller. the string comes as the following: +++ASP:273,THH:0,RLL:0,PCH:0,*** +++ASP:37,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:2,*** +++ASP:27,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:0,*** +++ASP:19,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:0,***...
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    Question Change one character to multiple characters

    Hi, I'm Vis15. I am trying to create this simple function that changes one character to multiple characters multiple times. For example if I have a string "abcde" I want the end result to be something like: aXcde aYcde aZcde abXde abYde abZde aXXde aXYde aXZde aYXde aYYde ... Here is what I got...
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