1. Marie-Andree

    Question How to display specifics lines from .txt document on form?

    Hello, My name is Marie and I am new to VB.Net. I am trying to work on this school assignment and I am struggling a bit. I need to display in a combo box names coming from a .txt documents. For example the text document goes as follow: Would it be possible to guide me in the right direction...
  2. A

    search button problem

    Hello to all i have created a practice program and i cant seem to get it to work correctly. i have created 4 buttons: Button 1. Entry data - creates a text file and stores any words you want onto the text file. Button 2.Search data - asks you to search for any random word (you have to type it...
  3. A

    search a text file

    I finally fixed my code and all that's left for me to do is to create a search button. what I'm trying to create is a search button but i just cant figure it out and i need help doing it. I am a beginner. I just want the program to ask the user what he would like to search for, when the...
  4. K

    Question How do I Re-Write a File Once a Item is Deleted in the list View?

    I Have a List View and a Save Button Once you add items into the list view and click save, it saves to the text file and then you can reopen and display in the listview. But once you delete a item from the list view and save it, it does not delete the selected item form the textfile so when you...
  5. B

    Problems with Stream reader. File being used by another process

    To cut a long story short I am having problems with stream reader and a text file being locked. On a button click I am trying to read from a file, then add a integer to that read value and then write the new value to the same file. Not always but, it sometimes throws an exception. Id say every...