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    Question myProcess.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd Not Working

    Ok... this is driving me nuts. I have the following code that works perfectly to disable an account in active directory using DSMOD in an application. But in another application, the exact same code results in failure. I'm absolutely confused as to why it works in App A and not in App B...
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    Question Text file Reading and Storing values to Specific Structure

    Dear All I am trying to Read the text file line by line and also want to store the data with specific structure for calculation. Basically its a Coma(,) Delineated text string following a specific paten. **********************************************************************************...
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    Resolved Readline error?

    First off, apologies if this is located in the wrong forum! I'm new to the community, and haven't quite familiarized myself with everything yet. Anywhoo, I'm working on a small, simple program to take orders based on menu items and calculate the price. The menu is stored in a text file. When...
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    unable to get large mails from mail server (POP or IMAP)

    hi, I am new to this forum. Hi all, I am developing a desktop application that reads mails from the mailserver using pop and imap . The application is almost fnished .The problem is the some time when a command is send to retrieve a mail using GetMessage() functions the applications...