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  1. C

    Question Crystal report linking to Stored Procedure directly

    Hi All, I have a crystal report, which has to be linked with SQL Stored Procedure. Crystal report is in one server and data base is in another server. Is it possible to set the server location from another server? The database name is not being populated even if the server name is given...
  2. M

    Related Stored Procedures

    Can I write two (or three) stored procedures, with the second sp using a result from the first as a parameter? Thanks for any help and/or code! MarceeMarc
  3. jlcruzAME

    Calling a Stored Procedure

    Below is the code I currently have in place for calling a stored procedure: Dim SQLCon As New SqlClient.SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("LocalSqlServer").ConnectionString) If Not SQLCon.State = ConnectionState.Open Then SQLCon.Open() End...
  4. M

    Question Remote exec of SQL stored procedure

    Hello We are working on a VB.Net project to execute a SQL Stored Procedure and passing it parameters. We have the execution up and working as expected, however the application will only successfully execute once. On the second execution, it throws the following error: Login failed for user...
  5. M

    Question Form to retrieve data from a stored procedure and then update from another one

    Hello all, Beginner question: I have a stored procedure to search for a data and another procedure to update the data using the results from the search. This is the Search Procedure: PROCEDURE BUSCAR_LOTE_GESTION(P_NUM_TERM IN NUMERIC, P_FLECHA OUT t_cursor) AS...
  6. S

    Question Create ms report, passing 2 parameters to a stored procedure

    Hi everyone, How can I achieve this, anyone, please? I have stored procedure on SQL Server 2008 Express and I need to pass 2 parameters @date1 and @date2 so I can build my report. Thanks!
  7. Neodynamic

    How to create Crystal Reports featuring barcode images using SQL Stored Procedure...

    How to create Crystal Reports featuring barcode images using SQL Stored Procedure in ASP.NET Prerequisites - Neodynamic Barcode Professional 3.0 (or greater) for ASP.NET (WebControl) - Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (or greater) - Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 - Microsoft SQL Server 2000 (or...
  8. R

    Stored Procedure Not Found

    I'm having trouble w/ a vb site. I'm trying to run a MSSQL SP in order to populate a gridview. The site worked fine when I was using a SQL statement w/in the code, but when I went to a stored proc, it stopped working (I needed SP because of additional complexity needed to improve...