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    Question How to connect

    Hello everybody you will excuse my poor englsih I am french, since two month I began to develop an application using Vb.Net . This application must use a database . I chose MS SQL Server for the database, but I dont know how to connect my application to MS SQLSERVER. Please can somebody...
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    Print only selected datagridview rows in a crystal report

    Hi, i am having a trouble in printing in crystal report. i want only the selected row in dgv will show in my report. it is working when i select a single row, but when i select multiple row it doesn't work. please guide me in my code. here is my code...
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    Aspose.Newsletter: Embed fonts into PDF files using Aspose.Pdf

    Welcome to the September 2008 issue of the Aspose Newsletter! In this month’s newsletter, we will provide some introductory information about our spotlight product: Aspose.Recognition. We will also look at the new and exciting features offered in the recent releases of Aspose.BarCode...