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    Question Can I use SQLITE with Reportviewer

    I have used SQL Server to create an local database in a vb.net application. SQL are giving me all sorts of headaches. I want to migrate to SQLITE. My Questions is can I still use ReportViewer in my application with SQLITE ?
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    Available Small C# SQLite Project that needs to modified and fixed

    Hi, I have a small SQLite Database that is buggy and needs to be fixed and some functions added. It would also be great if someone could translate this project into VB.net. This is NOT a Corporation or Established Business I am an individual person that is willing to pay a fair amount for a...
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    Question Is it possible to return all items in a List/Queue without Iterating over them?

    Ok, I have a very specific situation that this would be useful for. I have a DataTable with a large number of columns(200+) that I am doing a bulk insert for in SQLite, since it does not support Update Table like SQL Server does. I want to know if there is a way after I iterate over all the...
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