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    Question sql connection when using sqlDataAdapter

    Hi, Im after some advice on how i go about opening my sqlConnection. At the moment when my program is first run i open the sqlConnection and this is made as a public object so i can reference throughout the program without having to close it untill i close the program. I thought this was fine...
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    Connection Pooling Issues

    Hello everyone, I have a data driven application in VB which works with an SQL Server 05 Database. Since this app makes use of many queries and commands, occasionally i'me getting a timeout error as the connection pool is full. So i figured that at a specifc point in time within the app, i'll...
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    Can Ado detect changes in a database table for automtic refresh ?

    Hi, I made a class for access (read and write) to SQL database Tables. Each time, that mi class execute a command, this call to private method for "Refresh" a Internal DataTable that, this class have for access to info from the instance. The question is: had the .net any way for detect that...
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    Another helpful way to use a DataGridView

    I have seen many entries here about issues involving updating and displaying data from sources such as Access and SQL. I use SQL for all my developments so I will be using SQL in my example. SQL connection: 1. In your project properties, go to "Settings". 2. Add a connection to your project...
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    using statement and SqlClient

    I am unsure about whether to use Using around sqlclient objects, for example the sqlconnection or sqlcommand objects. Both implement IDispose and make use of unmanaged resources but are themselves managed. So should I use Using or just allow them to go out of scope and rely on the GC?