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    Question Datarow retrieves name of tables in database?

    Recently required to loop through SQLCe database to get all the names of the tables it holds. Couldn't get anywhere for a while good info about this task, while found this web article Get All SQL Database Table Names and Fields Using VB.NET | Online Marketing | Web Malama, Ft Collins, Loveland...
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    Question Adding rows to a DataGridView control using a strongly typed dataset

    I've been trying to solve this problem for about a week with no success, and it is getting very frustrating. I have an SQL CE database with a strongly typed dataset. Each table has a primary key "ID" which is an auto-increment bigint field. The dataset is set to be the data source for my...
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    Question VB Express 2008 / SQL CE Publish Issue

    Hello, I've seen some similar threads on here but no resolution. I have an app written with VB Express 2008 which uses SQL Compact Edition 3.5, the DB that comes shipped with VB Express 2008. When I publish, I can run the app on my machine (development machine). When I try and install on...