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  1. WolfEmery

    Question Need to refresh datagridview when SQL server changes

    I have a VB.Net application that I created for my job. It runs on multiple users PC's and uses Access databases for data storage, with a timer to refresh the DataGridView every 5 minutes to keep everyone up-to-date. Now I'm switching over to SQL Server Express 2014 and I've heard that it has...
  2. vodkasoda

    Question Advice on Accessing & Updating my Database

    I have a few projects, relating to the same subject. The programs are written in Excel VBA using Access, VB.net, and even a very old one in GFA Basic !!! I am now going to rewrite all of them in VB.net and incorporate the one Database, using SQL Server Express. The logic and all the problems I...
  3. S

    Question SQL EXPRESS Connection Problem

    I have Visual Studio 2010, with SQL EXPRESS which came with VS2010 from what I understand. I built a database in my VB.NET project, and am trying to copy data from the corporate SQL SERVER to my VB.NET created database (SQL EXPRESS). Below I've included my script, with both connection strings...
  4. ashahmy

    Question create a setup file (with sql server express 2005)

    Hi to all, I was created one of project using vb.net with sql server 2005. I want to create a setup file for that project. In my client pc contain sql server express 2005. how can I restore my database file to that sql server express 2005. it want to restore when the setup file was run. If any...
  5. R

    Question Refreshing a DataGridview?

    Hi I have my main form which has a "New Customer" button on it and a DataGrid when you click the "New Customer" Button it opens up a new form where you can add all the detials in and press save then the data is saved into SQL database. can anyone tell me how to refresh my datagrid upon...
  6. I

    Write to table

    I am feeling stupid, which doesn't take much these days. I have a simple program in vb 2005 that generates data. I have created a table in which to store the date (3 columns, 4 if you include the index). So when I run my program, how do I get the data in the table? I have literally spent...
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