sql 2008

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    .Net Developer Opportunity in St. Louis

    Bullhorn in Clayton, MO is looking for a talented .Net Developer to join our team! As a key member of the development team, the .Net Developer will collaborate with product managers, developers and quality assurance engineers on the specification, design and development of world-class software...
  2. M

    Question Searching in 3 tables ?

    Hello, I'm trying to develop an application in VB.net, for search informations in 3 tables (TBClient with 3 columns "Company", "Address" and "Fone", TBContact with 2 columns "Name" and "Email" and TBContract with 2 columns "ContractNumber" and "Date"). I'm using a combo box (for select the...
  3. S

    Question How to prepopulate a listbox populated by dataset

    I have a datagrid which has one custom column(List Box) which should be populated from the resultset of a SQL Stored Procedure. I used dataset to handle and assign the values to custom column(List Box). List box is populating from the dataset but i'm unable to show the default(actual) value in...
  4. nK0de

    Question ADO.NET update through DataSet

    This is not really a question. More like a clarification. I wanna know As to why this is happening. This is an exercise from a tutorial which I did last year. I came across this today and thought of just trying it out. Its about using a DataSet and how you can make changes in it and update the...
  5. Vani Alcaraz Dinglasan

    how do i navigate through records?

    i have 1 database for 1 student. 1 student has 4 table records is it possible to display all 4 table records in 1 datagridview by having a "NEXT BUTTON" when i click the button it display the other records.. i really need this for my thesis in order to graduate. kindly help me please. thanks!
  6. Vani Alcaraz Dinglasan

    Question how can i call a 3 datagridview in one search button(all i can do is one datagridvie)

    how can i call a 3 datagridview in one search button i have a textbox and button for the searching method.... it is ok.. i use the student number for searching and it works.. but i need to do is.. call or view all datagridviews with the student number (all 4 tables have the same record of...
  7. Vani Alcaraz Dinglasan

    created a table/datagriview when a button is pressed. then how to connect/add to SQL

    i have a button. when i click the button, it will automatically create a table.. ---------------- i have a code that will create a table ---------------- Public Class Form1 Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As...
  8. Vani Alcaraz Dinglasan

    datagrid column coding if else

    i got a datagrid connected to sql... my problem is i have two columns which is grade and evaluation i need to do is.. if grade has a value of 1-3 print passed and 4 above will print failed --------------------a string will be printed in evaluation column here is my sample code of mine...
  9. J

    Question Data loading FROM the grid

    hello everyone, Okay so I have a grid loaded with data. What I wanna do is when you double click on the row header, the data in that row should load into a form with textboxes. I've chosen the RowHeaderMouseDoubleClick as the evnt for this but dunno how to start. a little help with some example...
  10. frazzle

    Question calculations on typed dataset?

    Hello I am new to developing, I have vs2010 express sql2008 express. I have a data entry form and a report form. I want to retrive the values from a specific recordset preform muiltiple calculation's on th data and send the result's to the report form. My question is what is the best way to...
  11. C

    Question SQL Server license validation file error

    I have recieved the following error when trying to launch SSMS and have found many other instances online where people have had the same problem but no solution. Does anyone know what the fix is or where I could search further? Thanks. 'An error has occurred while trying to access the license...
  12. Neodynamic

    Neodynamic Barcode Professional news

    Barcode Professional 5.0 for ASP.NET now available Neodynamic's flagship barcoding product has expanded its capabilities to include full design-time support for <b>Visual Studio 2008</b> and <b>Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition</b>, additional barcode standards including <b>Aztec Code...