1. rexcarnation

    Question How to split Wordpress WXR XML file into multiple files based on element count.

    Hello, I'm new on xml, I have one problem when i split the wordpress WXR. I try to using XML Document Splitter Class here : XML Document Splitter Class - CodeProject but nothing can do. Please help meee. my example xml is: <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <rss version='2.0'...
  2. C

    Mapping datatable that I am binding to a datagridview

    Hi: I would like someone can help me, I want to mapping a datatable to show in the datagridview the names in diferents columns. i placed an image. thanks in advance.
  3. R

    Question Spliting records into variable formats

    Hi I am splitting data from an ASCII file generated by another system which has records of a varied format. The first 2 characters in each record are used to indicate the structure of the remaining data in the record. For example: 1 2 3 4 5...
  4. S

    Question Splitting Large Files

    Hello, I'm working on trying to split a large file from say 3gb to multiple 500mb files with a .1, .2, .3 etc... extension. My output is one 500mb file and one 28kb file. I can't figure out what I'm missing to continue reading the filestream into the 2nd split file. here is my code so far...
  5. P

    Question Split, search and append files

    Hi All, I have 270 files that I need to merge. These files are basically database files containing information strings. so far straight forward. the problem is that some of the information strings are duplicated so i need to be able to extract these informations strings from file2 and ensure...
  6. iDASTANx

    Question Got a problem with opening CSV files.

    Hey guys :) Pretty new at Visual Basic (just getting that out there before I continue). So, for my computing project I have to import csv files (got that bit working, got it opening up and displaying in a text box) and search through it to find criteria that I want. Anyways, I am having...
  7. S

    Question Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() splits string with spaces in it sometimes not others

    Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() splits string with spaces in it sometimes but not others, want to avoid this. EXAMPLE 1: command Line Arg (WRONG) @rpt=D:Test.rpt,@dsn=Test.dsn,@export=pdf,@destination=D:\AutoRpt\Test.pdf,@@startd=-1,@@endd=0,@@whichclient=Joe Bloggs,@Email=no,@EmailParam=1...
  8. A

    VBscript doesnt return error, but VB.net returns

    Ok, here is the problem, in vbscript, i was reading parts of streams i.e. teststrid = left (strLine,8) teststrnm =rtrim( mid (strLine,15,30)) teststrx = mid (strLine,57,8) teststr = left (strLine,3) strFormcode = left (strLine, 10) strSymmetrycode = left (strLine,14)...
  9. D

    String Troubles

    Here is my situation. I'm through a serial connection getting updates from a gps module and autopilot controller. the string comes as the following: +++ASP:273,THH:0,RLL:0,PCH:0,*** +++ASP:37,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:2,*** +++ASP:27,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:0,*** +++ASP:19,THH:0,RLL:60,PCH:0,***...
  10. I

    Question Splitting text

    Hello there, I'm trying to make a rcon tool on my own style. If i call up the status of the server i get this as response: 1 2 69 e783c1084e329ae25ee4a2a799e38d25 mathieu91^7 50 xx.xxx.xxx.xxx:28960 27148 25000 2 25 153 59cfd2cdc3bc40006d281655c1db039b Marty^7...
  11. G

    Question csv-File to html-File ???

    I want to write the data from a csv-file into a html-file. The CSV contains a list of information like: post code; street; house number; I use ";" as delimiter! Now I want to put this information in a html-table. So I want to have one gap with all post codes, one with all streets. The...