1. K

    RapidSpell Silverlight v2.0 released

    Keyoti are pleased to announce the release of RapidSpell Silverlight version 2.0. Improvements in v2.0 - Added Silverlight 5 DLL - Sentence capitalization correction - Small bug fixes RapidSpell Silverlight provides developers with a dialog spell checker for Silverlight and Windows Phone 7...
  2. K

    Keyoti release RapidSpell Silverlight

    RapidSpell Silverlight allows developers to add dialog spell checking to Silverlight applications (SL v3, v4 and Windows Phone 7). Supports plain text boxes, rich text boxes (SL v4) and 3rd party controls. Designed to have a minimal foot-print, uncompressed, the DLL and English dictionary total...
  3. K

    Keyoti Release RapidSpell WPF

    Keyoti are pleased to announce the release of RapidSpell WPF. RapidSpell provides an independent and highly customizable spell checking control for any WPF application. As-you-type and dialog spell checking are full supported. RapidSpell WPF can also be used in non GUI contexts using its spell...
  4. K

    RapidSpell Web .NET v3.7 released

    Keyoti are pleased to release RapidSpell Web .NET v3.7 RapidSpell Web .NET provides ASP.NET developers with a spell checking control for web applications. New in v3.7; * .NET 4 DLLs and VS 2010 demos included Further details and evaluation download can be found here...
  5. mrtutorial08

    Question Adding spell check to a rich text box? VS orcas? Help please I have some questions

    Hi everyone... Could some 1 tell me how to spell check a rich text box..I don't want to use wpf nor do I want to use Interop Microsoft Word.. What is VS orcas edition(something like that) I have VS EE... I have VS Orcas but I never tried it.. What is it anyways.. I am building a word...