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    Question Cannot remove the extra spaces from textfield output !!!!

    So, I am executing a function which returns some string value in textfields. But, when I am trying to use the textfield value somewhere else; it gets added with some extra spaces and I am not able to achieve the desired task. I have tried Trim() and it didnt help and I have also tried...
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    Question Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() splits string with spaces in it sometimes not others

    Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() splits string with spaces in it sometimes but not others, want to avoid this. EXAMPLE 1: command Line Arg (WRONG) @rpt=D:Test.rpt,@dsn=Test.dsn,@export=pdf,@destination=D:\AutoRpt\Test.pdf,@@startd=-1,@@endd=0,@@whichclient=Joe Bloggs,@Email=no,@EmailParam=1...
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    Question String conversion to Byte

    While converting my String to Byte I'm getting all my space characters 0x20 converted to 0x3F, which corresponds with á I've search the web, but I didn't find anything that might help me... I'm using te following code: Dim Msg As String = "Hello World!" Dim sendByte() As Byte =...