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    Question Filtering a BindingSOurce and Datagridview by Date

    Hi, I am trying to filter a binding source by a date field in a datagridview (using 2010 and sql server 2008) Now my filter works for names no problem but not for dates ! Dates in the database are proper dates in the yyyy/mm/dd format ! Heres my code I followed an example on the web...
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    Question No Source Available error when debugging

    While debugging a Windows Phone 7 app I am working on, I receive the following message: No Source Available There is no source code available for the current location. This message is displayed in a tab in Visual Studio 2010. The message is only displayed when I have breakpoints, I do not...
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    Question Program to make a list of every character possibilty

    I have made a program that makes and saves every possibility of characters under 7 characters (so far), and it takes about 10 mins to make one million possibilities... this is about 1800 possibilities per second (differering on different CPU's and RAM's) How can i make it more efficient...
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    My Program... Test it?

    Hey All, i have written my program, and i am wondering if it is any good. I have made a website: HERE but have you got any ideas or extra little things i can add to it? (I dont want to add the source code to this, because i want to keep it to myself. it is NOT a virus. - It has been checked...
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    Web Browser Function

    Hey guys sorry I'm sort of new at this, so I apologise in advance if the thread is in the wrong area of the forum or if the problem I am having is actually very simple, but all the same I do need help. Basically I am creating a form in VB.NET Version 3.5 , with the web browser function, and I...