1. D

    Question Array sorting

    I have an application that looks at various dates and compares those dates to yet another date for a time lapse. The problem is that I cannot figure out how to codefor the following scenario: There is a receive date and an application date. There may be multiple application dates, but only one...
  2. anggalisdiyanto

    Question Sorting Character on listbox with Quick Sort

    I cannot sort a list of character on listbox. I just can sort a list of integer data type. I need help, here is my code : Dim langkah As Integer = 0 Private nilai2() As Integer Private Sub Quicksort2(ByVal list() As Integer, ByVal min As Integer, ByVal max As Integer) Dim rand...
  3. E

    Question Sorting lists and inheritance

    I am trying to add sorting support to a series of related classes. Here is a simplified and generic version which should show how things are laid out. Class CItem Class CSpecific1 inherits CItem Class CSpecific2 inherits CItem Class CSpecific3 inherits CSpecific1 ... (several more like this)...
  4. lordbaddkitty

    Question Linq join on parameterized distinct key CASE INSENSITIVE

    To Revisit a previous question with a further stipulation... Anyone know how to do the following, IGNORING CASE? Dim Matches = From mRows In LinqMasterTable Join sRows In LinqSecondTable _ On mRows(ThePrimaryKey) Equals sRows(TheForignKey) _ Order By...
  5. W

    Question Issues with sorting a Generic Collection

    We use a custom collection derived from CollectionBase to store our Business objects Public Class BECollection(Of t As AbstractEntity) Inherits CollectionBase AbstractEntity is the class all our Business entity classes originate from. Things are looking good, except for some issues we are...
  6. Noremacam

    Question exceptions in column sorting

    I'm using the same method to sort my listview columns as here. I want to sort a column of dates, but I have an exception. I'm pulling the dates from the database, and when they come back null, I replace the text with "Incomplete"(the dates are for completion dates). I thought this would save a...