1. anggalisdiyanto

    Question Sorting Character on listbox with Quick Sort

    I cannot sort a list of character on listbox. I just can sort a list of integer data type. I need help, here is my code : Dim langkah As Integer = 0 Private nilai2() As Integer Private Sub Quicksort2(ByVal list() As Integer, ByVal min As Integer, ByVal max As Integer) Dim rand...
  2. E

    Question Sorting lists and inheritance

    I am trying to add sorting support to a series of related classes. Here is a simplified and generic version which should show how things are laid out. Class CItem Class CSpecific1 inherits CItem Class CSpecific2 inherits CItem Class CSpecific3 inherits CSpecific1 ... (several more like this)...
  3. J

    How to sort stacked bar chart (Y-AXIS)

    Good afternoon everyone, Please see the image below. How am I going to sort the y-axis in an rdlc? From highest DPM tp lowest DPM. Thank you and God bless.
  4. G

    Sort CSV file by a specified column

    Hi there I have a CSV file that i want to sort by the second column of data... i.e. COLUMN 1,COLUMN 2,COLUMN 3,COLUMN 4 1234,54689,55489,The fox 5554,4568,59823,Brush 0578,XYZ,PQRS,12364 I want to be able to write a function that can sort on any one of these columns depending on the index i...
  5. C

    Sort a multidimensional array

    Hi! I was looking for a function I need in internet but I didn't find it... I need to sort a multidimensional array(matrix).. for example Original matrix 1,b,3 2,c,5 3,a,1 I need a function, lets call it magic() xD with 2 arguments, the matrix and which col to sort first... so.. the result of...
  6. N

    Sorting a two Dimensional Array

    I am writing an auto insurance application. I need to sort a three dimensional array in descending order based on an integer value in third field in the array. The CalcPremium function returns an integer value. Dim CarDriverArray(3, 3) CarDriverArray(0, 0) = "D1"...
  7. T

    ArrayList Sort

    I am trying to sort an arraylist that contains the following values. A - Value for A 1 - Value for 1 5 - Value for 5 3 - Value for 3 30 - Value for 30 50 - Valure for 50 When I use ArrayList.Sort() I am getting the following. 1 - Value for 1 3 - Value for 3 30 - value for 30 5 - value for 5...
  8. Y

    Does DataView.ToTable() keep a descending sort order?

    Hi everyone! I have a problem with sorting a DataTable. I'm using DataView.Sort and then DataView.ToTable() to get the sorted table. Then I go through the table row by row and create nodes in a TreeView which is shown in a desktop application. My problem is that I can sort the data in...
  9. B

    Question Get DataGrid sort direction

    Hi, I know how to set sorting direction on each column in datagrid programatically, but I wonder how to do the opposite: obtain the sorting direction for a particular column. Does anyone know? Thanks
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