1. F

    Developing Captcha Software with Authorization Code

    Hey Friends I am Going to Develop Captcha Software With Authorization Code , Is It Possible , Any Suggestion about This Topic :D :stung:
  2. martinandrovich

    Question Faster Paint Software

    Hello forum, I have created a paint program, which I use with a SmartBoard to draw on. But when I draw, it reacts much slower than a usual Paint Program (MSPaint). I have a PictureBox which I draw on,to capture the mouse path. Every time the mouse is moved, the path is added to the "mousePath"...
  3. A

    Question Geting date from website with login to own software

    Hai i own a service center for which i m devaloping a software for which company log the calls in site where we have to login and check for new calls and if any part is needed we have log for that case in that site only now i want to integreat that with my software so that i can update and...
  4. H

    Question How to make an Installer?

    I have made my program which i want to distribute, how can i make an installation package for it? I know there are third party software i can use to do this, but is there anything in the VB framework that i can use to install it?