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    Question sending sms and receive (vodaphone hspda device)

    Hello , I am the middle of the software. SMS is send but not received . error. help me for opening/connecting gsm Vodafone Dongle K4201 I msg charge will cut from sim balance .
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    Question WMI queries for SMS (SCCM) information

    Hi All, I'm trying to get the assigned SMS site from a remote machine in I can do this in VBS, but i need it in* (using framework 4.0) the vbs looks like this: Set smsClient = GetObject("winmgmts://" & strComputer & "/root/ccm:SMS_Client") Set result =...
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    Question Help in creating way2sms SMS application

    hi everyone i am new this site i am creating new sms application for desktop using way2sms account please anyone help me to write the code
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    Sending SMS problem

    if any sample code for sending sms from mobile to another mobile through hi all!, i am developing a application for a hospital in they want to send patient result to their mobile nos. my question is any way to send sms using MSCOM? if yes pl. send the details or links regarding...
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    Question receive sms

    i am using ozeki sms server to send/receive SMS. currently, when i receive SMSes, they will be inserted into this messagein table (microsoft sql server) altogether. however, i wish to implement it this way: user A sends message to #1: hello [TO REPLY: user A <SPACE> <MESSAGE>] #1 replies user...