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    Question My programme is very slow

    I have a program, it has become very slow with the passage of time, as especially when it became contains a good number of data Why slow? I used and sql server this is a project : sorry for my Englsih
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    Question Why is the ShowDialog method so slow?

    So this is the code I'm working with: dlgresult3 = MainWindow.OpenFileDialog1.ShowDialog() MsgBox("Done") It takes about 1-2 seconds for the dialog to fully open, which is about normal for my desktop (running windows 7). What I'm more concerned about is that on a cold start, when I select a...
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    Answered looping a collection into multiple new filenames, how to speed up?

    EDIT: the final solution has been reached and the time required to split files has been reduced by at least a factor of 10 by using a dictionary rather than direct IO. see later posts for the solution code. greetings, i have the following snippet of code: For Each tempstring In...
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    Slowness with Large Images

    Hi guys and gals. I'm a new member and also a bit of a newbie at VB.NET. I'm working in Visual Basic 2008 Express and I'm having some graphic problems. I won't post any code just yet in case it's a known issue with a known solution (which I suspect it is)... But I'm writing a scrolling list...
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