1. N

    Question .Net Remoting 2.0 Accessing winform control value in a remote call

    Hi All, I have a winform app in VS - 2008, It is client server based application using .net remoting 2.0. On My server I have a Method which would be called from client. Now in this method, I want to update value of Datagrid in one of my winform. Here I am getting an error: "An error...
  2. jediknight

    Question Object Creation, Binding and Management

    I had a general question regarding Object creation, Binding and management. Though this question might be better served in the Database Group, I think it is general enough to post right here since it is a more general question. I've experiemented in the past with creating a Singleton Business...
  3. M

    Question Implementing Singleton in Parent Class

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone please guide me to implement singleton in a parent class. Infact what I want is that All the childs etc. should use same instance of the parent. I have implemented singleton, Changed the scope of parent class's constructor to "Protected". But in the application when ever...