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    Question Help with very easy coding for a randomizer

    Hello, so this is my first post so sorry if I muck things up a bit :). I am working on a random number generator to generate some stats for an enemy character. I can get a random number to generate however it is the same for each stat. E.g. 57 for EnemyDamage, EnemyDefence, and EnemyAgility...
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    Question Creating a simple rdlc report (without a database)

    Hello everyone, I have tried searching this forum, and everywhere else, before posting this and have not been able to find an answer. I would like to create a simple rdlc report that displays some static text. That's it. Well, my final project will be a bit more complex but I need to start...
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    GuessNumber.vb loop URGENT help!

    I need help with this simple guessnumber visual basic program. the book says to write the loops under the comments "Validate Input", but im not sure what to write, for I'm horrible at programming. This is the last program of the chapter and it's due today! Please help! ' GuessNumber.vb - This...