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    get updated session variable in a saperate request while first request in progress

    Hi All,I have a page on which there is a link, when clicked it makes a server call to handler using jquery ajax to start zip creation of a list of files. that click also strats a repeatative server calls which checks what is the current zip creation process.The logic is simple, I have stored...
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    Question Session Timeout Problem..

    Hi! I need to create a control panel for an e commerce site. I used session to hold the value of the user_name. But I'm experiencing problem regarding the session timeout. I set it in 20 min. But it used to expired in no less than a minute. My configuration in the web.config file is as follows...
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    MSMapi deployment problem

    I added the Microsoft MAPI Messages and Session com controls to a application so I can open an outlook message and include an attachment without actually sending, which is working fine on my development machine but fails when using on the target machine after installing MSI with the...
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    Question Maintaining session in WebBrowser Control

    Hi I am developing a VSTO Add-In. In this, I have a form which shows a web page. I am displaying this on the form using Web Browser control. If I click a link which navigates to another page in the same control, it is displaying well. But, when I click a link on the page, which opens a page in...
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    Question Help !!! SessionId from report using VB code

    Hi all, I have created a report and in properties code, I have written following VB code to find out the sessionId of current session: Public Function getSessionId() As String Dim sessionId As String sessionId = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session.SessionID Return...
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