1. adhossain

    Question Change Locked Registry key

    Hello, in my system, I have some locked registry keys which are not manually editable using RegistryEditor. Those are keys of my security program. So that I decided to make a service application using 2010 so that it can change the keys with its administrative privilege. But still I'm...
  2. D

    Question Process.MainWindowTitle returns empty for service

    Hi, I have developed a Windows Service in VB.Net (VS2010) which is running on Windows7. I am trying to get “MainWindowTitle” but it returns empty. lObj_Process = Process.GetProcessById(Pi_ProcessID) lObj_Process.MainWindowTitle If same service runs on Windows XP, title is found. Moreover if...
  3. F

    Question Coldfusion Web Services

    Hi to all, I am pretty desperate: I have a simple Adobe Coldfusion 8.0 WEB SERVICE, which simply returns a string "helloworld!" to my client. Invoking it from PHP, Java, etc. is success! :) But when I try to add it as a web service reference to my Vb.NET2010 project... The proxy classes created...
  4. willwork

    Question Problem capturing screenshots as a windows service

    Hi, Basically I have created a windows service using VB 2008 where I am trying to capture screenshots periodically. The timer is working fine and I have tested this. The purpose of the service is to monitor the desktop over night when the user is logged off, by capturing screenshots and...
  5. S

    Question Differences in launching new threads

    Hello, I have been using threads in windows services for a while, and have noticed (through usage and viewing other people's code) that there are different ways of launching new threads. Could anyone explain the difference in creating new threads in the following ways: 1)...
  6. S

    Vista Service Security question

    Hi, Hopefully someone will be able to answer this... We have developed an application for our business that that will run on either a machine on a W2003 domain or any of the home user flavours of windows that are available and still supported by Microsoft. User could be using a company laptop...
  7. C

    Question How do I use the SendInput API from a Windows service?

    Hi there, I am creating a windows service which uses the SendInput API to send keypresses to an application (must be SendInput, SendKeys doesn't work). For some reason it does not work in a windows service, but the exact same code works flawlessly in a windows form. I'm guessing there is some...