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    Question Cannot fix deserialization error

    I have a class instance that I want to serialize, upload to SkyDrive, download from SkyDrive, and then deserialize. I have the serialization, uploading, and downloading working fine, but the deserialization gives me the following error: There is an error in XML document (2, 2). The generated...
  2. N

    Question Cannot Deserialize using XmlSerializer

    I have the following code that serializes an object: Dim stream As New MemoryStream() Dim xml As New XmlSerializer(GetType(SyncData)) xml.Serialize(stream, New SyncData(CType(Application.Current, App).Recipients, CType(Application.Current, App).Gifts)) However, when I later attempt to check...
  3. L

    Question xsd to xml - use serialization or not?

    I’m developing an application where I use wcf services . I use the web service the organization offer to: Send an xml schema populated with data Get a list of available web services Get a specific xsd schema What I have to do is: Get a xsd schema form the authority and use this xsd to generate a...
  4. O

    Question Deserializing Data Back To A Dataset But Data Is Not Persisted To DB

    Hello All, I have a situation where I serialize data from a dataset to an xml file as a method of backup. I am trying to get the data deserialized back to the dataset. But for some reason, I cannot get the data to persist back to the DB. I don't receive any error messages either. The first...
  5. Adagio

    Question Serialize an object, exception because form is not Serializable

    I have a bit of a problem here and hope somebody here can help me figure out what the problem is I have a class called Truck and a form called frmTruck I have some code like this in a method. It recieves obj as Truck Dim ms As New MemoryStream(1000) Dim bf As New BinaryFormatter(Nothing, New...
  6. A

    Add new shapes in slides using serialization

    Other than providing different APIs for adding different kind of shapes in slides, Aspose.Slides supports a workaround to add new shapes in slides using Serialization and in this technical tip, we are going to show you how. We will carry out the following steps. - Create some shape using...
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    Aspose.Newsletter: March 2009 edition is out now

    Aspose publishes March 2009 Newsletter for .NET & Java programmers by highlighting the newly supported features by Aspose.Pdf, Aspose.Words, Aspose.Metafiles, Aspose.Editor and Aspose.AdHoc. We will also provide information about migrating your code for Microsoft Office Automation to Aspose...
  8. J

    Question secure serialization over tcp/ip network

    hey, just wondering, i was working with serialization and i serialized data to my local system, then clicked a button and it deserialized the information fine, on my local machine, but when i send it over the tcpclient/listener stream, on my server side where it reads it, it wont deserialize...