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    Question Using Serial Port in Multiple Subs

    Hi, I'm trying to create a form to send and receive data on a serial port. The idea is: When the form loads it opens the COM port A separate Sub handles any new data on the port and saves it in a text box When a button or enter key is pressed the string in a text box is sent to the serial port...
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    Question SendKeys Crash on Barcode Scanner

    Hey I am coding a background service/ exe that reads the input from a com port from a barcode scanner. it reads fine and can be displayed on a textbox with ease. my goal is to have it as an alernative keyboard so to speak. its always on and "types" the input onto an active textbox with focus...
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    Question Problems with application locking up

    Hi, I have created an application with 3 terminal windows for capturing data from 3 serial ports and outputting the data to a file. It seems to work well with one serial port, but when I fire all 3 serial ports at once, the application hangs. Here is the portion of the code that I believe is the...
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    Question Read SERIAL PORT in vs2008

    I working on modbus software. I am able to communicate with the modbus slave. The only problem with me is after i write the message on the serial port , i read the serial port for data after say 100ms and i use "system.threading.thread.sleep(100)". This freezes my program for a while. Can you...
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    problem updating datagridview

    I am newbie to and getting trouble in showing received data onto datagridview control.I m writing a program to receive data from serial device and to show it on datagridview. But I m able to show only 1st data next data is not updated on DGV. sample of my code is given below Try...
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    Question Serial Port Truncating

    I am using the .Net Com port control to send &HFF (255) to another device however it appears to be truncating it. At the other end I get &H35 (53). If I send &H0 (0) At the other end I get &H30 (48). Does anyone know what may be causing this. I have the following settings: PortName = "Com4"...