serial port communication

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    Question How to share an instance of a class to all the application ?

    How to share an instance of a class to all the application in VB.NET ? Probably you are going to answer: "Use Shared members" Ok, but I have one particular problem: I have an application that has multiple forms. The application is connected through the serial port to a hardware. The...
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    Question Problems with application locking up

    Hi, I have created an application with 3 terminal windows for capturing data from 3 serial ports and outputting the data to a file. It seems to work well with one serial port, but when I fire all 3 serial ports at once, the application hangs. Here is the portion of the code that I believe is the...
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    Question Graph

    Hi I am working on a project which requires continuous plotting of power of a signal. will receive data through serial port and I want to plot these values as a bar graph. The values sent via the serial port is basically the power coefficients of the samples of the signal. I want to plot...
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    Question VB FORM in WAITING mode, serial port communication

    Hi friends..I m working on an application on serial port communication with PLC machine. Now this communication is only done with one PLC at a time. So I m sending a query to PLC and untill its responds back the application goes into wait mode. i.e. no other operations can be done, and an...
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    Question Read SERIAL PORT in vs2008

    I working on modbus software. I am able to communicate with the modbus slave. The only problem with me is after i write the message on the serial port , i read the serial port for data after say 100ms and i use "system.threading.thread.sleep(100)". This freezes my program for a while. Can you...