1. H

    Question SendMessage win32 API

    Hi ladies and gents, I have been making something which harvests data from a sybase system which is linked through MS Access. It is a terrible system in the making, but unfortunately i do not have any better way to do it in the environment I have, as the access DB is needed by a whole bunch of...
  2. Taien

    Question SendMessage

    I'm trying to teach myself to use SendMessage to manipulate other windows and have been reading as much as possible on the net to understand how to do this. I've come upon a problem though that I have been unable to find an answer for on the net. Currently I'm attempting to read text from...
  3. S

    Video Capture - Send Message WM_CAP_FILE_SAVEAS can't convert path to long?

    Hello all, I am making a video capture project using SendMessage and WM_CAP_FILE_SAVEAS. I have seen numerous examples online of how to do this, however I cannot get my filepath to work, it keeps saying that it can't convert. I dont understand this because every example had it written out the...
  4. E

    How to get control names using their hWnd handle

    Hi, I'm working on an automation tool to fill textboxes in a 3rd. party application. I already managed to get a Winform handle, its childs control handles, also to get the textbox contents and set new values for them using the following code: Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As...