1. K

    Question SendKeys Crash on Barcode Scanner

    Hey I am coding a background service/ exe that reads the input from a com port from a barcode scanner. it reads fine and can be displayed on a textbox with ease. my goal is to have it as an alernative keyboard so to speak. its always on and "types" the input onto an active textbox with focus...
  2. A

    Question Application works properly on my PC but not others

    Hey Everyone, I have an application developed in VS2008 It is a numberpad with buttons for 0 - 9. When published and installed on my local PC, everything works as expected. I open a browser window, and am able to click a number-button and have the corrosponding number sent to the...
  3. dwarf2000

    Question SendKeys.Send("{enter}") not working?

    Hello, I'm into playing Halo, and I'm also hosting an dedicated server. Now i've made an program to send a message to the server, using AppActivate and SendKeys. The problem is that it activates correctly, it sends the text entered in the textbox, but after that it should execute...
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