1. S

    Question Selecting a drawing object

    Hi, I have drawn some lines using Drawline in I would like to select a particular line with mouse click and then move or rotate it. Please suggest
  2. VBobCat

    Question Problem with DataTable.Select and LIKE operator

    Hello People! My application has several ComboBox whose DataSource properties are always DataTable with two columns, one contains the PrimaryKey, and its name ("PK") is set in ComboBox.ValueMember property, and the other contains text descriptions, and its name ("ITEM") is set in...
  3. U

    Question Programatically select ITEM in LISTBOX if it CONTAINS text from a textbox

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, so please don't flame me if I post anything wrong.. I'm somewhat a "noob" at coding, but I try to learn..! (not just copy paste/leech/...) My problem: Can I let my program select an item in a listbox based on a string (f.e. textbox.text)? So basicly, if an item in...
  4. A

    Treeview Search and View Node

    This below code does work fine don't select a node but it goes through it... I debugged it .. Can I anyone help ..? Thanks In advance. Public Function TreeView_Search_InsideNode(ByVal ParentNode As TreeNode, ByVal SearchVal As String, Optional ByVal Selection As Boolean = False) As...
  5. S

    Question Multiple selection ListBox click order

    Please, I need help. How would I display list items from multiple selection listbox in order they are clicked? Thanks?
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