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  1. D

    New dtSearch® Product Line Release Adds to Document Filters

    dtSearch’s Proprietary Filters Cover a Wide Range of Online and Offline Data Types Bethesda, MD (Oct. 23, 2012) - dtSearch Corp., a leading supplier of enterprise and developer text retrieval software along with document filters, announces Version 7.70 of the dtSearch product line. The...
  2. V

    search requiers more than 1 parameter?

    Hi, my name is Viktor and i have this problem: My IT teacher at the HTMU(Chemical and Metalurgy University of sofia) gave me a project to write a database software....using the free Visual basic from Visual Studio 2008....I've started the project and got to a dead end... :-( The problem I've...
  3. ghassan_aljabiri

    Question using progressbar

    hello i build a form to do a search in a database this form contains a progressbar with visible=false if the user clicks the search button : 1- the progressbar should be visible 2- do the search 3- put the results counter in a label 4- the progressbar should be inVegetable (invisible) I use...