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    Tricky question: my and other applications are competing?!

    I have an little application that has a role to zoom currently screen (magnify it). There is also posibillity to zoom more if you scroll wheel. BUT - if currently PowerPoint slideshow is running, it is not possible to zoom - and i realize why - because PowerPoint also uses mouse wheel for going...
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    Question My application does not detect scrolling mouse

    Hello guys, can anybody help with my problem. I made an application where i used mouse scrool event. On my PC everyting work excellent, but when I try it on different machine scrolling is not detected!? How is that possible?! i am using < 0 and > 0 Please help
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    Question TreeView not scrolling when node is expanded

    Hello, I have wrote simple TreeView control that basically gets data for display as control items in tree as data table from documentum. Everything is working good but the problem happens when tree node expansion is not containable in pane. When node is expanded, it instead of showing scrollbar...
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    Question Capture Listview Horizontal scroll event

    I need to know how to capture the horizontal scroll event of a listview. The project that I am working on has a listview and 6 textboxes that overlay row 0 of the listview. I'm using them to filter the contents of the columns. I have the Listview1_Resize and ListView1_ColumnWidthChanging events...
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    TreeView Scroll Position Get and Set

    I used a treeview with scrollable property true. Firstly I generated the treeview. Then I selected a treenode as : dim node as TreeNode node=treeview1.Nodes(1) After that I refresh the treeview in a structured way, like Expanded node as expanded and Collapsed as collapsed. Then I need to keep...