1. willwork

    Question Problem capturing screenshots as a windows service

    Hi, Basically I have created a windows service using VB 2008 where I am trying to capture screenshots periodically. The timer is working fine and I have tested this. The purpose of the service is to monitor the desktop over night when the user is logged off, by capturing screenshots and...
  2. Jamie2993

    Resolved Screenshot location?

    Hi All, Im trying to make my little project take a screenshot(which ive done). But i cant seem to get a location set, my code: Dim ScreenSize As Size = New Size(Form1.WebBrowser1.Width, Form1.WebBrowser1.Height) Dim screenGrab As New Bitmap(Form1.WebBrowser1.Width...
  3. B

    Memory hogging screen grabber

    I've pieced together a few bits of code, to create an app that takes a screen shot once a minute, and dump it to a jpeg. The code works fine, but for each time the function is called, the memory in use jumps by about 25MB. Can anyone tell me where this is happening and how I can stop it? Thanks...