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    Question Working with Dual Monitors - Need to determine Display Number

    Hi All, I have been looking at the Screen class in, as I want users to be able to define which screen a particular form is displayed on. I have worked out how to do this, however there is a small problem. If in Windows I go to the standard Display Settings I can see one of my monitors...
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    Question How to screen detection?

    Hello! I am making a program and I need to know how to detect if certain image on screen. I have saved some picture and if it see's it on screen i want to do something like make msgbox.
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    Dual Screens

    How can I check if a computer has multiple screens? And is it possible to move form to other screens aswell?
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    Question screen capture

    hi friends! am doing a project called network monitoring system. that project has two programs, client and server. the client program will capture desktops of clients and saves a copy in that system. server program will detect all active clients on the lan and displays captured desktops in a...
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    Question Screen Recorder Help

    Okay I'm not sure that this is in the right catagory, but I'm pretty sure it is. I want to make a Screen Recorder which takes a screenshot of the screen every time a timer ticks. Then I want to compress the image into an .avi file. I have tried doing this in the following code, but I don't know...