screen capture

  1. L

    Resolved output of .Location.X/.Y is not accurate?

    Hi, im having difficulty in getting the accurate location of the image i want to capture, how do i correct this? ive tried to manually put the X and Y number but the result was the same. (Please see Attached Image, The First Image is the whole form and the second image was the result after...
  2. S

    Question Capturing screen and webcam video simultaneously?

    Hey guys, I'm working on a screen capture and webcam capture program that will record both at the same time. I currently have a button that starts the screen cap (while opening a ppt) and a keyboard hook that stops it when I hit F12. I also have a button that starts webcam recording, and a...
  3. Apocalyptic

    Question Pixel Colors, take a pixel from the screen!

    Yeh I know it's so trivial but I'm trying to do it since a lot of time in VB 2005 Express Edition. Let me explain: I need to make an easy output of a specific color on my whole screen. For example: I have a Form with -btnSearch -txtX -txtY -lblColor When I press 'btnSearch', it takes the...
  4. F

    Question HELP! How to screen capture objects

    Hi I was wondering how to capture an image of a certain object on the screen which the mouse is over. Also, how would I make a red box go over objects when the mouse hovers over them? See image below for example. Many Thanks :)
  5. B

    Memory hogging screen grabber

    I've pieced together a few bits of code, to create an app that takes a screen shot once a minute, and dump it to a jpeg. The code works fine, but for each time the function is called, the memory in use jumps by about 25MB. Can anyone tell me where this is happening and how I can stop it? Thanks...
  6. L

    Question screen capture

    hi friends! am doing a project called network monitoring system. that project has two programs, client and server. the client program will capture desktops of clients and saves a copy in that system. server program will detect all active clients on the lan and displays captured desktops in a...