1. C

    Developing Antivirus

    So I am trying to develop an antivirus in VB.NET I want to make an Md5 Scanner so i have that part covered but now i was hoping to use Clamavs database for the viruss md5s but i cant seem to find how to use it how do intergrate it should i use special libraries?. Also how do i make the real-time...
  2. K

    Question SendKeys Crash on Barcode Scanner

    Hey I am coding a background service/ exe that reads the input from a com port from a barcode scanner. it reads fine and can be displayed on a textbox with ease. my goal is to have it as an alernative keyboard so to speak. its always on and "types" the input onto an active textbox with focus...
  3. F

    Question Detect keystrokes from barcode scanner

    I have built many applications that work with a barcode reader. What I need now is a means to reading the scanned item through a background services such as a windows services or something. My task is to scan a barcode on a identification label that is placed on a cut size of glass and record...
  4. K

    Question connect fingerprint scanner in HP pavilion laptop?

    Hi, I have to develop an application to scan and verify fingerprints. I have a HP pavilion laptop with fingerprint scanner. But i dont know how to connect it to my application. I am stuck in here... Please help me with either code or steps to connect the device. Thank you..
  5. Grayda

    Question Getting file name before execution

    Right now a project I'm working on is in the planning stage, but I'd like to know the best way of going about this: This project's end goal is to behave like Group Policy's Software Restriction Policy, whereby an administrator can block execution of a file or file within a path / registry key...