1. russhockshop

    save as word document with a pre chosen name?

    Public Class Form1 Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form Public myCaller As Form4 Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load lblDay.Text = Date.Now.ToString("dddd/MMMM/dd/yyyy") prntDoc.DefaultPageSettings.Landscape = True End Sub...
  2. N

    Question numerous pictureboxes overlaying

    Okay so I have built an image generator in VB NET and this may sound stupid but I need to know how to export/save the final image but my problem is that I have one main image as the background in a picturebox element and then numerous pictureboxes overlaying it with the generated content, how do...
  3. edinet

    Question picturebox,browse preview and save to the form..?

    how to create an form ,,,browse for image ,,,preview ,,and save to the form picturebox (not to pc),,,
  4. R

    Question Save and load button help for a simple database

    Hi im working on a simple database program for school in visual basic, i need a load and save button for the program. The program loads up the data into a list box, there are 6 text boxes that are used to bring the data to the list box. I just need the save button to save all the data to a .txt...
  5. C

    Question Validating data before executing multi looped query?

    I wrote a VB.NET 2010 application that writes to a MS Access DB via an ODBC connection. This application is intended to take the place of the paper based Non Product PO system. The functionality in question works as follows: A user opens the program to a blank PO form. They can search for an...
  6. E

    Question error at save in to 2 tables they have relationship one-to-many in same time

    hi all I have 2 tables Customers and Orders it have relationship one-to-many and i set the cascade between tables. i add both tables to one form and i set EndEdit event to the CustomerBindingSource owing to Saves the new record in Customers before save new record to the Orders but i receives...
  7. N

    Question Find Specific Text In Text File

    Hi! I have a little question about txt-files...This is the case: I am going to make a small software for editing particular parts in text files, so you don't have to do it by hand. In this program, i need to find several words in a text file and retrieve the text or number that is after the...
  8. E

    Question Playing with Interop (excel)

    Code peepz, I'm writing excel files from vb. That's no problem... But i have problems with closing my excel services in my task manager. Before i wan to close my pc i get prompt with the question to save workbook1,.... You can see my code can anybody tell me where i don't close my excel...
  9. N

    Question Saving Datagridview multiple rows under one Composite key.

    Hi i am developing a program to a Computer shop. In my main form there are few textboxes to enter the customer details (EX: INVOICE NO, CUSTOMER NAME ,BILL TO, ETC)and i have separate table named "Customer". And also in the main form there is a datagridview to enter the Products that the...
  10. Germcloud

    How can you save a wav resource to a file?

    An application I'm building requires that I save a wav resource to a wav file on disk. I can do it just fine for mp3's, but when I try to save the wav resources I get "Error 1 Value of type 'System.IO.UnmanagedMemoryStream' cannot be converted to '1-dimensional array of Byte'." The program...
  11. S

    Question code for update button?

    i have one registration form which consists of username, password, confirmpassword and Register button. When i will be typing the username, it should show whether the username is available or not. and i have changed the username column as primary key in sql database. Private Sub...
  12. C

    Answered How to make file readonly programatically?

    Hi, I am making a program to save it to (.txt). I am making it using System.IO. So far, my program can save the file already. But, I don't know how to make it readonly programatically. Please help me. Thanks in Advance. Regards,
  13. N

    save all the data from datagrid to ms excel?

    Hello everyone! Please bare with me because I'm new to .I do have problem, I cannot save data from datagrid to excel. I use inputbox so user can input data to datagrid. Then the user can click the button to save it to excel. Can someone please show me some code on how to create that? Thanks!
  14. M

    Save Game / Load Game Help

    I am writing a Pokemon style RPG game in Visual Basic. There are hundreds of variables, that represent the character's stats, and as well, things that have been "unlocked" during game play, world events, etc. Does anyone know a really simple way of "freezing" all the variables in place so that...
  15. M

    Question Replace a letter in a textbox with another letter

    Im making a program in 2008. You can open txt files and type in a textbox (so far like microsoft word, almost). But the thing is you can save in a diefferent fileending (my own) and I want to cryptonize it, ( not sure thats how you say in english but hope u get it) Like if you type in...
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